Casio Vintage

Casio Vintage

Casio Vintage; Ontzettend Cool, Stijlvol en Retro

Een Casio Vintage horloge is zowel kwalitatief als stijlvol, waardoor deze merkhorloges gewild zijn onder horlogefavorieten. Zowel Casio Vintage-horloges voor dames als Casio Vintage-horloges voor heren zijn elegant en stijlvol qua ontwerp en scherp geprijsd. De Casio Vintage horlogecollectie brengt de beste kenmerken van alle horloges samen in een robuust uurwerk. Met een breed scala aan bandmaterialen in de meest verbluffende designs. De Vintage collectie doet zijn naam eer aan, het is een echt Vintage Casio horloge.

Koop een Casio horloge online bij Ormoda als je er stijlvol en uitdagend uit wilt zien. Zowel bij het Casio Vintage horloge dames als het Casio horloge heren zijn de kenmerkende robuuste digitale designs en metallic tinten onmisbaar. Verwen uzelf of uw partner met een Casio Vintage horloge uit de Casio Vintage collectie van Ormoda.

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Casio Vintage Watch

A Casio Vintage watch stands for style and class at a good price. At Ormoda, we have a diverse selection of affordable, formal and sporty watches in stainless steel. Casio Vintage watches contain all these good qualities for a low price. This is a Casio watch that you can wear with pride and style.

A Vintage watch is both quality and style, making these brand watches sought after among watch favorites. Both Casio vintage watches for women and Casio watches for men are elegant and stylish in their design and competitively priced. The collection can be found in the online shop of Ormoda. The Casio Vintage watch collection brings together the best features of all watches in a robust movement. With a wide range of strap materials in the most stunning designs. The Vintage collection lives up to its name, it's a true Vintage Casio watch.

Buy a Casio watch online at Ormoda if you want to look stylish and challenging. Both the Casio Vintage watch ladies and the Casio watch men, the characteristic robust digital designs and metallic shades are indispensable. Pamper yourself or your partner with a Casio Vintage watch from the casio vintage collection of Ormoda.


Casio was originally founded in 1946 in Japan by the Kashio family who wanted to make efficient and affordable watches for the true epicurean. The Japanese company stands for quality of life and style. In 1967, the first digital Casio watch on the market. This was the beginning of the digital watch era in the 70s and 80s. The Casio vintage watch collection brings back this elegant style through its robust and angular design. The Casio vintage watches are also inspired by the F-100 from the 80s. Casio has several classics from modern collections such as Iconic, Edgy and Round. But the Casio Vintage collection at Ormoda really brings the classic 80s style to life.

Casio Vintage men

Are you looking for a tough watch for men? A Casio Vintage watch for men has a classic look, but with a digital and modern twist. The Japanese brand Casio brings the classic 70s and 80s back to life in a modern digital jacket. That comes back in the collection of men's watches. This includes watches of stainless steel (SS) with metal bands in different colors like casio vintage gold, silver and rose gold. The Casio Vintage Watch Gold is not only tough on your wrist, but also radiates a certain status. Think for example of the Digital CASIO Collection Men's Watch A168WEGC-3EF. These watches are only worn by real men with style and class. The metallic design of the Casio vintage contributes greatly to this.

Ormoda also has an extensive collection of Casio Vintage watches for women. The tough metallic design of the Casio vintage collection combined with soft detail and a soft pink color. This is the perfect watch for a real lady. For example, the A1000MPG-9EF from the Casio Vintage Digital watch collection Women. Want a rugged and tough watch that completes your style? The Casio Vintage Unisex Watch A700WEGL-3AEF is the best choice. At Ormoda, you can choose from a variety of classic designs, each with different functionality. For a modern watch, choose a steel version from the digital collection. The Japanese watch brand knows like no other how to create a stylish design without compromising on quality. And that's what you see in the design of the Casio Vintage watch ladies and Casio Vintage watch men. Do you choose a gold or silver watch? Check out our wide range in the Ormoda online shop.


The choice of materials for a Casio Vintage watch is stylishly selected and really brings out the robust characteristic. Different materials such as stainless steel and resin give the timepieces form and a face of their own. Choose a matching leather or stainless steel bracelet. Ormoda also offers many different colours, such as gold, rose gold and silver. For example, you can complete a beautiful golden ladies watch with an elegant pink leather watch strap. Also for men Ormoda has the right material. Choose from a sturdy men's watch in silver or gold with a tough angular design. Complete your outfit with a sturdy metal bracelet and show that you love class! The watches with metal wristbands are great for a special occasion or to show that you love style. Furthermore, you can wear the brand watches at all times, both to work and to a party. Or choose a gold or silver watch, which is a timeless design that will last you for years.

Water resistance

Casio brand watches are not only stylish and elegant but also strong and waterproof. Each watch is equipped with a sturdy metal frame that keeps out raindrops and moisture. Check out Ormoda's online website to find out the details.

Purchasing Casio Vintage

Would you like to receive more information about the various watches that are available in the online shop of Ormoda? Please feel free to contact us. Also, for advice on the different types of brand watches that we offer you can contact us. Buy a Casio Vintage watch online at Ormoda, the online specialist in brand watches, where service and craftsmanship are highly valued. When buying a watch at Ormoda you therefore always get a two-year warranty. The webshop offers a wide choice of different collections, materials and colors. Therefore, take your time in the online shop of Ormoda to choose your ideal Casio Vintage watch.

Should you have any questions about your order or shipping, feel free to contact the customer service at Ormoda. Shipping takes place via UPS.